ARI Realty Provides the highest level of client support, and are proud to be the MOST REFFERED FLAT FEE BROKER IN UTAH and continue to place our client’s needs first! Here is what our clients are saying.

ARI Realty Reviews


"ARI gave me the best option to reach the most people fast. I am impressed with the level of professionalism and ARI's quick customer service. Thanks!"


- Stout Properties LLC, Salt lake City UT



"ARI was great to work with. You were always available to answer my questions and to make selling my home a smooth and painless process. I had an offer within a week of signing up with ARI.


-David Madsen, Lehi UT



"We have already told (and continue to tell) everyone we know who is about to begin or is currently trying to sell a home how excellently ARI Realty worked for us. The price, the materials, and your personal service made the whole process a huge and (surprisingly) easy success. "


-Paul and Ronette, UT



"Our experience with ARI was excellent.  We saved approximately $12,000 in commission fees by listing with ARI, and we would definitely recommend the service to others.   All of our questions were answered promptly, and we felt that John was very professional throughout the entire process. Thanks again"-


Liz and Scott E., Sugarhouse, UT




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ARI realty helped me out greatly, due to the slow economy and my being in the military, I wanted a quick sale.  I put up my house originally FSBO for $145,900 however received no calls.  Then I found out about ARI realty, with their help I had my house sold within a month for $149,900 and all for $245.  ARI Realty saved me at least $4000 and a lot of time.  I'd recommend their service to anyone.  Their staff was very helpful even though I didn't purchase their full package.  I was very satisfied with their service.

- Josh Kauffeld Layton, Utah



I was a little skeptical at first but after 2 weeks of being on KSL and For Sale By Owner we started getting worried about the lack of traffic.  Once we listed it with ARI we  received instant traffic and had the home sold in about a month.  ARI was great about answering questions about all the documents that you have to deal with.  In this market selling a house as fast as we did was amazing.  A few friends that are full time Realtors couldn’t believe it.  If I ever need to sell a home again or have friends that need to sell I will send them to ARI so they can experience all the benefits of selling their home themselves and taking the commissions they would have paid. 


-Jeff H, UT



ARI Realty was fantastic to work with. Not only was it the most affordable option to sell our home, but ARI was also incredibly effective and helpful. We received great, realistic feedback from John Armstrong regarding our asking price, the specific details of the listing and how best to sell the home. The communication was great with John and his Assistant; whenever we had a question or concern, we were helped immediately, or our phone calls/emails were returned promptly.  Not only is ARI the best deal around, but ARI is also the most effective and helpful real estate firm I have ever worked with. I look forward to working with John and ARI for future real estate transactions and would strongly recommend ARI to family, friends and anyone else needing help purchasing or selling a home.


-Mark Dickamore, North Salt Lake, UT



"I was very happy with the experience I had with ARI realty. By using ARI realty I saved over $10K. The savings came from you selling our house for a flat fee of $295, and giving 75% of your commission back to us. We also appreciated you taking the time on more than one occasion to show us multiple homes. I know that we will use you again when we sell our current home, and buy a new one."


-Jared, Woods Cross, UT



"ARI provided us with an outstanding house selling experience with an unbelievable savings from a traditional real estate agent.  We saved over $10,000 but still had all the advantages of a traditional agent.  Our home sold in 2 weeks due to the amazing efforts of the ARI staff.  We have recommended ARI to all of our friends and neighbors. Thanks ARI!"


-Steve Rogers, Salt Lake City, UT



"I used ARI Realty to sell my condo. in downtown Salt Lake City. I sold it in the time frame and the price that I wanted. I went with ARI's full service and saved money compared to tradition commission rates. I plan on using ARI Realty to purchase our next house, and would definitely recommend ARI Realty to others."


David Rodriguez, Salt Lake City, UT



"Thank you for your assistance in selling our home.  It was a great way to do a For Sale By Owner.  Through your service, we were able to list our home on the MLS for a fraction of the fee it would have cost us to hire a Realtor.  We saved almost $6,500!  Being listed on the MLS gave us enough exposure that we had several people come through our house the first week and we actually received two offers within the first ten days and went under contract in the second week!  In addition, you were available for questions, advice, and to review our contract paperwork.  It was a great service that you provided to us and I would heartily recommend it to anyone that chooses to sell their house his/herself.  Thank you!"


-Melissa Miller, UT

Testimonial Kjar
Testimonial Jeff Sorenson
Testimonial Evan Mattingly
Testimonial Josh Kauffeld
Testimonial Jeff
Testimonial David Madsen

"I would gladly recommend ARI realty to any homeowner trying to sell their home.  I listed my home on KSL and craigslist for 3 to 4 months and had two people come to look at it.  As soon as I listed my home with ARI, I had about 15 people go through my home within 2 weeks, and the 15th person bought it!  That's right, even in this market, it was only listed for about 2 weeks.  I've already told numerous people about ARI and the huge $$$ you can save by listing thru ARI versus another agent.  I figured I saved about $7,500 by using ARI."


-Jeff Sorenson, UT



"Our experience with ARI Realty was very positive. When we decided to sell our home we really felt that we need to get it online where it could get some good exposure and then the home would sell itself. ARI was the perfect fit. It saved us a lot of money by not having to pay a realtor an extra 3%. For a small fee we were able to get our house listed in the MLS and that is all it took. Three weeks later we had sold our home, even in a difficult market. Also, ARI provided help whenever we had questions or concerns."


-Travis Foxley, UT



"We wanted to thank you for all of your timely help and support in the sell of our home.  As first time home sellers we were unsure of the process and you made it very easy.  We initially tried to sell our home on our own, with very few inquiries. Once we contacted you to have it listed on MLS we sold our home in about 45 days.  You were always available via email or phone which made the selling process run smoothly.  Thanks again for helping us.  We would recommend ARI Realty to any of our friends and family."


-Mike and Lori Kjar, Stansbury Park, UT



"ARI provided me great customer service.  They were very attentive to every move needed to sell my home and made the transaction very smoothly.  I'm so glad I choose ARI.  I had even called another competitor here in Utah to see what there service was like and after being on the phone with a recording machine for minutes I wasn't able to speak with anyone and never heard back when I did leave a message.  ARI replied to my messages promptly and was great to work with."


-Luke Morris, UT



"All I can say is "who needs a traditional agent" when they can pay ARI a small flat fee to list a home?  I was so pleased with the job that you guys did, I tell everyone about it and would use this service EVERY time in the future. It is a "No Brainer" agents want so much money for such little work and this is a great service.  Thanks for the great work."


-Evan Mattingly, UT



ARI and John were great to work with. We could not have done it without him. He handled all of the details and paperwork while we were on vacation allowing us to fully enjoy our vacation without having to worry about selling our home. If we ever sell again we fully intend to use John and ARI, we have already recommended them to friends and family.


-Jon and Celeste Rhodes, Saratoga Springs, UT




"I would gladly recommend ARI realty to any homeowner trying to sell their home.  I listed my home on KSL and craigslist for 3 to 4 months and had two people come to look at it.  As soon as I listed my home with ARI, I had about 15 people go through my home within 2 weeks, and the 15th person bought it!  That's right, even in this market, it was only listed for about 2 weeks.  I've already told numerous people about ARI and the huge $$$ you can save by listing thru ARI versus another agent.  I figured I saved about $7,500 by using ARI."


-Jeff Sorenson, UT



"To be honest I was a bit skeptical to say the least when I first heard of ARI Realty, and worried that a "flat fee" realty service wouldn't meet my needs.  This was the 4th home purchase for my wife and I, and we thought that we could do most of the work ourselves (For Sale By owner). The biggest stumbling block for us wasn't being able to properly advertise our home, that's when ARI Realty stepped in.  We were able to navigate your website, make choices about how much help we did or didn't want from ARI. In short we were able to tailor our real estate needs, what a breath of fresh air, no more paying a realestate agent 3% commission! I snapped pictures of our home, completed the paperwork from ARI easily and in less than 24 hours my house was listed on the MLS/! In less than 40 days on the market, ARI presented an offer to me and assisted me through the closing process. Would I use ARI again, of course!"


-Todd Madsen, UT



"We want to thank John for this service he provides and the exceptional help we received when selling our home. The low price was what got us here and the professional help was beyond our expectations. We would definitely use ARI again and would recommend it to anyone selling a home. I do recommend in addition to the listing service to add on the rental of a RISCO key box. It made all the difference in working with buyer's agents. They were thrilled to not have to set an appointment with me to show my home. And let's be honest, buyers don't want to talk freely about a property in front of the owner. The key box made the whole situation more comfortable for everyone. Thanks again for all your help!"


-Cameron and Jennifer Hayes, Bountiful, Utah




"As owners trying to sell our home ourselves, we saw that the MLS could reach people we couldn't get to any other way.  But we didn't want to pay full price for a realtor, and were happy and confident doing all the paper work ourselves.  ARI Realty gave us what we were looking for, with no pressure to take things any further.  We got the traffic we were hoping for through putting our home on the MLS, which eventually lead to a successful sale.  We would do it again as sellers.  Thanks for the positive experience!"


-Jan and Stefanie Miller



"My husband and I used ARI Realty this past year and were thrilled with the results. Someone was always on hand to talk to if we had any questions or concerns. We chose to use ARI when we were not able to sell our investment property after being listed with a traditional agent for a year. I felt ARI gave us more options and information on being able to sell our house. The best part was finally selling our house and seeing the thousands of dollars we saved (17,000.00). If we had it to do over again I would have gone to ARI first time around. We'll definitely suggest ARI to anyone we know."


-The Bennents, UT



"Thank you for your help in selling our home so quickly--actually, for selling it twice very quickly--in a buyers' market. During the one week we had our home on the market for sale by owner without ARI, we must have been contacted by 50+ realtors letting us know that we could never be successful selling the house on our own. When we suggested that we might go with a company like ARI, we were told that our home would never sell, and if it did, we'd have to severely discount it. Well, the results speak for themselves. Our home was under contract within seven days of listing with ARI! When that contract failed because the buyer couldn't obtain financing, we opened it back up on the MLS with ARI. The second time around, we were under contract in less than two weeks! We are pleased as can be with ARI's responsive service and will whole-heartedly recommend ARI to our friends."


Patrick & Polly Reagan, Riverton UT





"We had such a wonderful experience using ARI Realty.  We needed to sell our home very quickly, but we wanted to save a little money in the process.  We listed our home "For Sale by owner" and after about two weeks we hadn't had any luck.  We received the information about ARI Realty and I read the testimonials that were on the website and we decided to give it a try.  After having it listed on the MLS for only 10 days we received our first offer.   Everything went smoothly and we closed on our house within the next month.  We were really impressed with the level of service that ARI Realty, especially John Armstrong, provided us in selling our home.   The process of listing our house, selling, etc. was really easy to do because of the explicit instructions that were provided.  We are really grateful that we decided to use ARI Realty.  We sold our home quickly, saved money, and found a real estate company that we will use again.  Thanks again ARI! "


-Mark and Michelle Jolley, Layton UT




"I was delighted to find a company like yours that was less hard sale and more at the client's pace.  Also, I think your business plan is perfect for people that don't need their hands held throughout the home purchase process, more angled toward the real estate savvy- the best part about it? Getting a check as I moved into the house!!"


-Victoria R., Salt Lake City, UT 




"Working with ARI realty was the perfect solution for selling my home.  I know the home market is primarily marketed and sold though the internet and that is exactly the service they provide without charging large commissions.  They were very helpful with the paperwork and any contract questions. I know they helped a lot with closing the sale and making sure we were protected. I appreciated their assistance and attention to detail. I would recommend ARI realty to anyone I know!"


-Wendy Barney, West Jordan, UT




"We were referred to ARI Realty from a friend...and we were so grateful!  We wanted to save money and not use a "conventional" realtor...but also felt that it was very important to have our home listed on the MLS.  We decided to give ARI a try and "test the waters".  This was the first home that we had ever sold so we were definitely in uncharted waters -- but John was great in helping us along and answering all of our (many, many) questions.  Our home sold in the first week we had it listed with ARI Realty!  It saved us over $15,000 in realtor fees!  We were so happy with our experience with ARI Realty.  Next time we sell a home we will definitely use ARI Realty again."

-H Holkler, Cedar Hills, UT 



"We were moving out of state and needed to sell quickly.  I was intent on selling our house myself (For Sale By Owner - FSBO), but we decided to try a flat-fee broker when we received lackluster responses over several weeks to our multiple internet ads and open houses.


We used ARI Realty's "Premium Listing Service" and listed on the MLS at a 6% reduced asking price based on a Comparitive Market Analysis provided by ARI Realty.  Immediately, the number of showings increased dramatically and, within only 10 days of listing with ARI Realty, we had received 2 great offers (one of which we accepted).  We finalized the sale of our home 33 days after listing with ARI Realty.


An additional bonus of listing with ARI Realty was that solicitation calls immediately ceased from other RE listing agents who were data-mining FSBO sites.


We HIGHLY recommend ARI Realty for anyone who has tried or is considering the FSBO route.  The "Full Listing Service" with no upfront fee is a great option as well if you want full RE assistance at a highly discounted price.  Next time I won't waste any time with FSBO and will go directly to what has worked for us - flat-fee RE services from ARI Realty."


-Ken and Heather Safsten, Saratoga Springs, UT



"It has been great to be able to utilize the flat-fee listing service that ARI Realty offers. Having bought and sold several investment properties I have no desire to pay a 3% selling agent commission as I am perfectly comfortable working out those details myself. This listing service has literally saved me thousands of dollars and I intend to use it again on the next house I have to sell. ARI has been very responsive and has a step-by-step system in place to ensure that everything is done correctly. It&'s a great service provided by a knowledgeable staff and that makes all the difference." 


M.M, Provo, UT



"I sold my first home with ARI Realty in February 2008.  I started off trying to save some money by going the for-sale-by-owner route but after a couple of months we just weren't getting interested buyers and hadn’t received any legitimate offers.  Next, we signed up with ARI realty because I was interested in the flat MLS listing.  We had some showings at first but ultimately no offers and it started to seem that the housing market in Utah was definitely softening up.  I was concerned that somehow we just weren't generating enough interest and I remembered one agent talking exclusively about their "superior marketing" techniques that would generate lots of showings.  I decided we'd cancel our contract with ARI and go with a full service agent that could provide that supposed “superior marketing” that was promised.  After about 45 days with this full service agent and not seeing any difference in the number of showings than with ARI, we decided to cancel our agreement with the full service agent and re-list with ARI Realty.  We also lowered the cost of our home by the 3% commissions that we had built into our price to cover the full service listing.  Once we had our price where it needed to be the viewings really started to come in, and after only a couple weeks we were under contract.  As we went through the contract negotiations I asked to be upgraded to the more premium service that ARI provides to take advantage of their negotiations experience and help with the paperwork.  This was a great value and gave me all the peace of mind that having a full service agent does, but without the 3% or thousands of dollars in commissions.  I'm thankful for the lessons learned in this process and next time I’ll list directly with ARI and skip the many months of headaches trying to do this differently. " 


Cameron, South Jordan, UT




"ARI Realty's straight-forward approach and very competitive suite of services is outstanding! Hope you're doing well."


Tony Guay, Salt Lake City, UT



"When we decided to sell our home, we knew two things:  1) the market was changing dramatically from the two years previous, and 2) using a full-service agent was not an option.  Simply stated, we did not want to invest a sizable amount of our home equity in a real estate agent.  We have friendss and associates who are real-estate agents, but still chose to go at it on our own.  After one month of trying to sell our home with limited exposure on, and Craigslist, it became apparent that listing on the MLS was going to be critical in being competitive.


After a little investigation into ARI and a few other "flat-fee" listing agents, we decided to use ARI.  This decision was met with some skepticism by others who believed that we could not do it on our own, and that the longer we avoided using an agent, the more equity we would lose in a changing market. A great deal of this cynicism was leveled by the agents who had been calling hourly to convince us to use their services.


Within hours of our home being listed through ARI, our buyer traffic changed dramatically. The forms ARI provided us with made everything easy to understand and over the next 2 1/2 months, as questions arose about the process, John Armstrong and his assistant were always prompt in their response.  Ultimately, our home sold faster than any other comparable home in our neighborhood.


A couple interesting side notes: 1) Nearly two months after the sale of the home, 3/4 of the homes in our old neighborhood that were for  sale when we went on the market are still for sale. Our home sold for the same (or more) than comparable homes are currently asking.   Every other seller in our immediate neighborhood was using full-service agents/realtors. 2) The home we purchased after the sale of our home was also listed by a flat-fee MLS listing agency.  Because we were not using a buyer's agent for the purchase, we saved on the sale of our old home, and the purchase of our new home.  The savings on both ends totaled over $17,000.  Anyone who is told by a full-service Realtor that using an agent saves them money needs to thoroughly investigate the claim.


Quite frankly, the only real stress in selling the home "on our own" was having to deal with several unprofessional agents who 1) brought unqualified buyers to the home, 2) balked at our not using a full-service agent (them) or 3) did not show for appointments they had scheduled.  This experience only strengthened our belief that not using a full service agent/realtor was a good decision.

For some, using a full-service agent may be the best option.  But if someone is really interested in saving money and learning a little about the real-estate market along the way, ARI is a great option.  We would highly recommend the agency.

Again, thanks for your help"


David and Lori Young 



"Thanks for helping me get my home sold.  The price is unbeatable. I had a home in Eagle Mtn. and homes in that area don't sell very quickly.  I didn't need any hand holding along the way, and the service was great. Everything was 'as represented'."


Craig, Eagle Mountain, UT



"Wow - that was pleasantly and surprisingly easy!  It is refreshing when a company actually "gets it" (i.e., how to keep customers happy for the long-term)!  I will certainly continue referring friends to both your selling and buying programs!


Thanks again"





"Doing your flat fee reality service was a plus for me.  Thanks."






"Thanks ARI for your help selling our house.  Listing it on MLS was a great thing to do as we showed the house a lot after we listed it. Y ou were very helpful and quick when we needed you to make changes to the listing as well.




Stan Thompson, Herriman, UT


"I really enjoyed working with ARI Realty.  I paid the extra money to have ARI handle the paperwork with potential buyers, and thought it was worth the money.  The extremely low cost to get on the MLS was wonderful.  I thought their service was good, especially for the money I paid.  I would use ARI again."


Thanks for all your help,

Bailey Pack, American Fork, UT



"We sold our home in 11 days with John Armstrong at ARI Realty!  Not only was our agent friendly and knowledgable, he gave us helpful service, and advocated our position well with potential buyers.  We saved over $16,000, and had a great experience with ARI.  We have already recommended this service to family and friends, and will continue to recommend them for anybody who is buying OR selling a home."


Martin A, North Salt Lake, UT



"I have called ARI Realty several times for Real Estate advice—they have been more than willing (and patient) to help me through some deep technical know-how issues on my end. Excellent support! They went WAY out of their way to find answers to two of my (out of the ordinary) questions. Routine questions were answered on the spot, and no extended hold time to get through to a agent. I would highly recommend ARI Realty to anyone looking to list their home."


Matthew S. Stahle, South Jordan, UT




"ARI realty were incredible!  They were extremely helpful and supportive.  The prices are extremely reasonable and you truly get more than you pay for.  The nicest part is that I knew that the opinions I received from them were honest and not motivated by some big paycheck when my house sold.  It was like having a full time realtor, without the scam.   They were facilitators, not salesmen.  I would use them again, and soon."


Garin, Provo UT



"I expected you to be a new fresh out of training agent that didn't have the knowledge and experience of a seasoned agent.  I was sure wrong.  You far surpassed any expectations that I had in any agent, and feel that if the people of Utah knew what an asset you were to the sellers here, your phone wouldn't stop ringing.  I want to compliment you on every facet of the way you do business - even your website is stocked with helpful resources.  You are very professional; not once did your tone of voice make me feel like I was stupid or asking a stupid question, and you always either answered your phone or returned my call quickly!  You handled things personally and I felt like it was first class service, and it made me feel like dealing with a Real Estate agent was fair!

I hope that you can continue on in your business and help rewrite the way Real Estate is done here in Utah. Thanks!"


J. Garner, Riverton UT




"After accessing the usual "For Sale By Owner" websites, I found only a minimal interest in my house being generated after several months. My home had not only been remodeled but was reasonably priced.  After much frustration I discovered that for a nominal fee(on a big investment!) I could list my house on the MLS without a listing agent.  Since the MLS was how I found the house I was now selling in the first place, I knew it would ensure the exposure I needed to attract buyers.  I saw several ads for this service and chose the least expensive which happened to be ARI.  I was more than pleased with not only the professional one on one help I received, but enjoyed the process!  It was a big relief to finally have my house not only listed on the largest real estate site, but to have the knowledge I wasn't really "on my own".


Within 10 days I not only had an offer on my house, but SEVERAL offers!  I was able to pick the one I wanted!  It felt wonderful to know that all my hard work and investment in my house was worth it AND I didn't pay a listing agent commission!


I wouldn't sell another house without ARI and their staff."


Jennifer, Sandy UT




We receive comments like this regularly. Our clients appreciate the time we take to help them. Whether it's determining the best service to purchase, or helping pick out the best products from our Real estate store. Our real estate agents have the answers you need. Call us today!


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