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Benefits of using a Discount/Flat Rate Realtor

Why should I choose to list my home with a discount or flat fee Realtor in Utah? We hear this question all the time.

1. You Will Save Money! Lots of It!

The number one reason you will benefit from using a flat Rate Realtor is you will save thousands compared to a traditional Realtor. Salt Lake County's median price for a single family home is currently $431,574. This means that with a traditional Realtor, you would be paying close to $13,000 in commission just to your listing agent. With our price model, you would save over $10,000. This means more money in your pocket, with the same great service and exposure provided by other Realtors!

2. Experience

Flat fee Realtors typically have more MLS listings than traditional Realtors. They know the market, and have handled almost every situation you can think of. You can trust that your transaction will be handled professionally one of the most experienced brokers. This will allow you to have a leg up on negotiations and someone in your corner to help you get top dollar for your home.

3. No Obligation

You can cancel your contract anytime! Traditionally, you sign a 6 month to 1 year contract, and you are obligated to use that Realtor, whether you're happy with their service or not. Most flat fee and discount Brokers don't work that way. You can cancel anytime during your listing if you are not happy. This means you can get a discount MLS listing with no obligation. So, try it out, and cancel if you don't like it. It's really that simple.

4. Receive the Same Great Service and Exposure

You may have read that if you go with a discount Realtor, you will have a lower level of service than with a traditional Realtor. Unfortunately, this may be true of some companies, but with ARI Realty, this is simply not the case. We are a full service Real Estate Brokerage and our level of service is unmatched by other Flat Fee Realtors in Utah. We have someone available to respond to offers and to answer your questions or concerns around the clock! We help with negotiations, e-docs, provide lock boxes and signs, and will help determine a price to list your property. We do it all for a fraction of the cost.

Experience the Luxury of Working with a Flat Fee Realtor

Save time and money working with one of the top brokers in Utah. We know the market and we know what it takes to successfully help our clients in this business. Try us out risk free and don't forget to check out our reviews on Google!!

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